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CodeTitlePDFRecordedSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
F373 Heroin Addiction and Dental Implications Heroin Addiction / MWU Faculty Showcase02-27-20162:30 PM3:30 PMKevin VanKanegan$0.001.00Sold Out
F374 Late-Breaker: CDC Releases New Guide for Dental Infection Prevention and Control Infection Control / MWU Faculty Showcase02-27-20161:30 PM2:30 PMLarry Williams, Michele Junger, Kathy Eklund$0.001.00Sold Out
F375 If Gums Could Talk Periodontics / MWU Faculty Showcase02-27-20163:30 PM4:30 PMAndrew Browar$0.001.00Open
F381 Optimal Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Edentulism Utilizing Digital Technology Implants / UIC Faculty Showcase02-27-20161:30 PM4:30 PMKent Knoernschild, Rand Harlow, Tolga Tozum, Michael Miloro$0.003.00Open
F180 Trends in Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Periodontics02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMDevang Thakkar$0.003.00Sold Out
F181 Highlights of 2016 New Products Products Update02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMTricia Osuna$0.003.00Sold Out
F181R1 Highlights of 2016 New Products Products Update02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMTricia Osuna$0.003.00Sold Out
F183 Does Sex Matter? 395.04 KB Oral Medicine02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMWendy Hupp$0.003.00Cancelled
F376 Red, Swollen, Glossy & Boggy: Fixing Those Broken Gums Periodontics02-27-20168:30 AM11:30 AMConstantine Politis$0.003.00Sold Out
F376R1 Red, Swollen, Glossy & Boggy: Fixing Those Broken Gums Periodontics02-27-20161:00 PM4:00 PMConstantine Politis$0.003.00Sold Out
F184 Power of Pink: Techniques for Restorations with Bioactive Composite Restorative02-25-20161:00 PM4:00 PMFrank Milnar$0.003.00Open
F279 Implant vs Endo: What Does the Evidence Say? A Look at Outcome Studies and Other Considerations Endodontics02-26-20169:00 AM12:00 PMMatthew Davis, Suhaila Shariff$0.003.00Sold Out
F185 Mother Nature, Disruptive Persons, Bad Luck: Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Practice Risk Management02-25-20161:00 PM4:00 PMTheodore Passineau, James Carney, Lynn Heintz$0.003.00Sold Out
F186 Beyond the Science: Patient Emotions in Dentistry Risk Management02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMBeverly Kodama, Anne Oldenburg$0.003.00Sold Out
F378 CAD/CAM Technology: Value to All Showcased in Lecture CAD/CAM / SIU Faculty Showcase02-27-20161:00 PM2:00 PMChrista Hopp$0.001.00Open
F379 Traditional or All on 4: Fixed Restoration of Completely Edentulous Arch Implants / SIU Faculty Showcase02-27-20162:00 PM3:00 PMRick Biethman$0.001.00Open
F380 Implant Dentistry Implants / SIU Faculty Showcase02-27-20163:00 PM4:00 PMRobert Blackwell$0.001.00Open
P100 An Oral Surgery Workshop for the General Practitioner 612.28 KB Oral Surgery Workshop02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMRobert Edwab$340.003.00Sold Out
P100R1 An Oral Surgery Workshop for the General Practitioner 612.28 KB Oral Surgery Workshop02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMRobert Edwab$340.003.00Sold Out
P102 Obtaining Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model-Pouring Techniques Impression & Model Pouring02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Sold Out
P102R1 Obtaining Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model-Pouring Techniques Impression & Model Pouring02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMSarah Conroy$190.003.00Open
P104 Eliminating Instrument Separation While Preserving More Tooth Structure 118.99 KB Endo Workshop02-25-20169:00 AM12:00 PMBarry Musikant$340.003.00Open
P105 Assessing Safe & Effective Endodontic Shaping 118.87 KB Endo Workshop02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMBarry Musikant$340.003.00Open
F130 Myths, Legends & Realities of OTCs 1.03 MB Products Update02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMJudy Bendit$0.003.00Sold Out
P107 Invisible Class IV: A Simple & Effective Approach Restorative Workshop02-25-20161:30 PM4:30 PMNewton Fahl, Jr.$450.003.00Open